Scripts sub-folder of Guest Databases/ops

New feature in the OPML Editor distribution.

We now support a Scripts folder, as a sub-folder of Guest Databases/ops, that contains scripts that run every minute, every hour and once every night.

The names of the folders are the same as in user.scheduler: everyMinute, hourly and overnight. As the names imply, they run once a minute, once an hour and every night (at midnight).

The files are plain text files. Levels are indented and outdented with curly braces, lines are separated by semi-colons.

Here’s a screen shot that illustrates.

Works on both Windows and Mac. Code that implements the feature is in builtins.opmlEditor.

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  1. […] irgendwie scheint Dave da auf den richtigen Weg zu sein. Denn wie dieser Beitrag zeigt, ist ein erster Schritt gemacht. Vielleicht wird es ja doch noch einmal etwas mit meinem alten […]


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