Welcome to the Frontier News blog!

As I said on Scripting News and in a post on the Frontier-Kernel mail list, I think it’s time for me to become an active participant in the Frontier developer community again. There are lots of reasons, but most important is that I care about Frontier and want to help people who are using it, to the extent that I can.

It’s been over five years since the open source release. Yet the open source release hasn’t been going in any particular direction for quite some time.

At the same time, I’ve been working steadily on the OPML Editor, making lots of improvements in opml.root, which is its analog to frontier.root. Most, if not all these changes should be, imho, used by everyone using Frontier.

I’m going to start documenting my root-level work on Frontier here, and posting links on the Frontier-kernel mail list. I hope over time we slowly join the two forks into one, and attract new people to the community, and maybe some of the original people will come back.

I especially want to get working on kernel-level improvements. It’s been 18 years since I worked at that level, but I wrote a lot of the core code in there, and I would love to get in there and start making small improvements and fixes based on today’s machines, and how the kernel is being used to do web applications. Last time I worked in there the web didn’t even exist! :-)

If you want to get started, download and install the OPML Editor, and let it update. You’ll get all the latest features. It will automatically update itself every night. You can use some of the tools, in particular the River2 aggregator, which is actively being developed around the work I’m doing with Realtime RSS. I think it’s really exciting stuff, and is very likely to reshape the way we get news, the same way RSS did ten years ago.

Anyway the rules here are different from the mail list, where anything goes. Here we’re only going to talk about coding and development, not user issues, and nothing related to UserLand. This is strictly about Frontier work. And no flaming or personal comments. I moderate the comments here, and I don’t want to know what you think of people. Let’s talk about technology and how we can help each other. This is not the place to come to air complaints.

One more note. Frontier News is a very old name in our community. Before there was Scripting News, I had a blog that documented work we were doing in Frontier. So in a sense this is the continuation of a thread that goes back to 1996 and before that, to the CompuServe forum and support we were doing on AppleLink starting in 1990. Big wheel keep on turning! :-)

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  1. Posted by pwb on December 28, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Cool! I still consider Frontier one of the greatest technical apps of all time. I always pictured there being just one fairly generic “Frontier Kernel” and then apps like OPML, Radio, etc could be delivered as “.roots” or in other ways.


  2. […] Dave Winers neu erwachte Frontier- resp. OPML-Editor-Begeisterung trägt Früchte: Welcome to the Frontier News blog! […]


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