The number-one time-sink for Frontier servers

It’s illustrated in this screen shot.

The server is flatlining. Frontier is consuming all the CPU.

Now begins the hunt for the table that’s too big that’s causing all the thrashing.

I’ve spent years stuck here. This is the number one problem that needs solving — and it should be really simple.

Some way of telling the admin where Frontier is thrashing. What is it doing. What table is it trying to load?

It’s a pretty painful place, because of course the UI of the app is almost totally unusable when it’s in this mode.

2 responses to this post.

  1. 1. Are you sure that it’s a big-table-load that’s causing the thrashing?

    2. Do you have a script that reports/logs list of all tables/sizes?

    3. Would exposing that script through the web make it easy to bookmark so you wouldn’t need to be playing in the GUI to trigger it?


    • Caveat: It’s hard to answer these questions without sounding sarcastic. That’s not my intent.

      1. No I’m not sure. But over the last 10 years I can’t remember a single time when it was not a big table that caused the flatlining. But there’s always a chance taht this will be the time when it turns out not to be that. (It didn’t, it was a large table this time too).

      2. Yes. It’s in workspace.userlandSamples. It’s included in every root file that’s distributed.

      3. It doesn’t matter. A script is a script is a script. When another thread is thrashing that leaves an infinitesmally small amount of CPU for the debugging script to run. Generally the only way to find the big table is to go exploring and know the apps you have running. Of course this makes you gun shy to deploy too many quick apps that keep user data around.

      I guess the bottom-line is that I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about Bill. This requires a kernel-level solution.


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