thread is replaced

A bit of semi-ancient code is replaced by something more modern.

1. Back in Y2K, Jake and I were working on creating a playlist manager out of Frontier. We were both loving Napster, and having all this great music to manage, hoping that our outliner could play a role. In the process, we developed the Frontier tools capability, which turned out to be a bigger deal than the playlist stuff. Part of that was a thread that watched your tools folder to see if any new tools appeared or any existing tools had disappeared.

2. builtins.scheduler is ancient, it goes back to the early 90s. In 2008, I had spent the better part of a day tracing a bug that turned out to be a problem in the scheduler, and decided enough is enough, and rewrote the scheduler from the ground up, in less than a day — scheduler2. It has stood the test of time, it’s much more robust than the original scheduler.

So, it seemed pointless for to have its own thread, most of the code in there was doing stuff that scheduler2 did better. And we get better data on the performance of the thread, and error reporting. All-around a win-win. And it gives me a chance to write a blog post explaining the new scheduler. It’s all part of the OPML Editor distro.

PS: Here’s a directory with listings of the code in builtins.scheduler2.

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