By far the biggest tool developed to run in Frontier is manila.root.

As I explained in the blog post in January, we are going to release it as open source. In anticipation of this, I wanted to get a copy of the last manila.root that a member of the original UserLand team worked on. This version was released by Jake Savin in 2005 and is what you’ll find in the last download from UserLand.

You can run this root in the OPML Editor without major problems. I’m running it on one of my servers.

How to install

1. Choose Tool Catalog from the Misc menu in the OPML Editor. Click on the Install link next to manila.root.


I plan to update this post with downloads of Manila websites you can try it out with. Getting the app out there is a first step.

I’ve added an #installer table at the top level. This simply tells the OPML Editor that the tool should be updated every night, and it contains a script that runs on installation that opens this page. All tools that run in the OPML Editor have this table.

Further, manila.root predates Tools, but there appear to be no problems in managing it as a tool, since Tools were designed to be like manila.root. I added a manilaInfo table at the top level so that tool-handling code would correctly display information about manila.root.

If you just want to download manila.root without installing it in the OPML Editor, you can get it here.

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  1. […] good test of this was when I recently installed manila.root in the Apps folder. No changes were necessary to accomodate the OPML Editor. It “just […]


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