docserver.root release

I have here on my hard drive all the databases, and I want to release as many of them as I possibly can so the data in them is protected. Given that Frontier is now an open source project and has been for six years, it seems the smart thing to do.

The first database I wanted to get out there is docserver.root.

All I’ve done is run a script that looks for objects named “password” and if it finds any, replaces their values with random strings of ten characters. I’ll repeat this process on every database. I didn’t find any in this file.

Anyway, here’s the download.

I tested it out on my local machine by copying it into the www sub-folder of Guest Databases, and adding a pointer to the file in:

It opened the website correctly and I was able to browse it. I expect anyone who is familiar with how websiteframework sites work in Frontier will be able to get this working.

You might want to convert the contents to a wiki so it can be group-edited or whatever. At least now there’s a copy of the file out there for everyone to use.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Way back in my brain I seem to remember a script that would take the contents of a root and dump it into the file system.

    I read “you might want to convert” to mean put the contents of docserver.root into a wiki.

    If that’s the case, then a dump of the root to a hierarchy of text files can be easily imported into a wiki like DokuWiki


  2. […] Winer will alle alten UserLand-Frontier-Datenbanken veröffentlichen und hat als erstes docserver.root freigegeben. Sie sollte — vielleicht nach ein paar Frickeleien — auch im OPML-Editor funktionieren. […]


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