How to build the Mac OPML Editor from Sourceforge

In August 2009, Andre Radke sent me instructions for building the OPML Editor from the Sourceforge respository.

1. Download the source code from the “Download GNU tarball” link at the bottom of this page.

The resulting file will be named trunk.tar.gz or trunk.tar (if your browser already unzipped it automatically).

2. Double-click again to “untar” it. The resulting folder will be named “trunk”. This is the project root folder. If you want to change its name, e.g. to “Frontier kernel source”, now would be the best time to do it.

3. Open the project root folder and inside of it, open the “build_Xcode” sub-folder.

4. Double-click the “Frontier Universal Binary.xcodeproj” file.

5. In Xcode, from the Build menu choose Build Results (shift-cmd-B).

6. At the top of the Build Results window, make sure that “OPML” is selected as active target, “Development” as active build configuration, and “OPML” as active executable. (These should all be selected already by default.)

7. Click the Build icon (hammer) in the Build Results window. After a few minutes, the build should complete with lots of warnings but no errors.

Xcode should no longer prompt for the project root directory when first opening the project and the workaround of building the Frontier target before the OPML target should also no longer be required.

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