How to turn on the Bookmarks menu

The Bookmarks menu in the OPML Editor, like Bookmarks in a web browser, allows you to remember places that you want to come back to later.

If there is no Bookmarks menu in your menubar, it’s pretty easy to turn it on.

1. In the Finder or Explorer open the folder that contains the OPML application.

2. Open the opmlStartupCommands.txt file in a plain text editor. On Windows use Notepad. On Macintosh use TextEdit and be sure that editor is in “Plain Text” mode There’s a command for that in the Format menu.

3. Add this line to the top of the file:

user.prefs.flBookmarkMenu = true;

Make sure to enter it exactly as it appears above.

4. Save the opmlStartupCommands.txt file.

5. Quit and relaunch the OPML app. You should now see a Bookmarks menu in the menu bar.

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