Instant Outliner baked into OPML

I’ve been experimenting with Instant Outlining for many years, in many forms, but now I feel pretty confident that I have it nailed. The new implementation works so well I’ve baked it into the OPML Editor distribution. The only way it could be more deeply integrated is if it were kernelized, and maybe at some point we’ll do that.

Here are the places where there are changes:

1. builtins.realtime — a long-poll realtime event manager that runs over XML-RPC. Both a client and server. So every copy of OPML can be a server, though probably not very many will be.

2. — builds on the realtime verbs, again, both a client and server. Implements instant outlining.

3. system.menus.menubar — now includes an Instant Outliner sub-menu of the Outliner menu. Three commands open your outline, open your Buddies window and open a Preferences page.

4. — includes a page where you enter your username and password and have it validated by the server.

I’m operating a server to test the instant outliner with a few other people. Eventually I hope to write a server howto that shows you how to set up your own server. All the code you need is there, and if you understand how Frontier works, it’s possible to set up a server without any instructions.

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