New Flickr glue

Over the last few years, as web apps come on-line, I’ve been writing glue script tables for them that are more or less analogous to those for scriptable Mac apps. There are built-in tables for Amazon, Blogger, Flickr, FriendFeed, Google, Identica, OAuth, Posterous, Tumblr, Twitter and WordPress. As with all glue script tables, the goal is to flatten out various different approaches to APIs so that they can all be easily programmed through scripts.

All of this happened while most of the Frontier community was off doing something else. :-)

Anyway, yesterday I added three new verbs to the Flickr glue table that, together, make it possible to download whole “pools” of pictures. Pools are collections of pictures that belong to groups.

Here are a few of the groups whose pools I follow.

1. Let’s Put Gruber To Work.

2. Berkeley.

3. HTC Incredible Cell Phone.

The three new verbs are:

1. Flickr.groups.pools.getAllPhotos

2. Flickr.savePool

3. Flickr.savePhoto

Combined, they can be used to save a whole pool.

I’ve released a sample script here, that shows how to download the Gruber pool.


Here’s a screen shot of the folder it downloads.

All this stuff, the Flickr glue and the sample script, work in any version of Frontier or the OPML Editor, Mac or Windows.

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