We need JSON code

This is the flip-image of most of the items I post on FrontierNews. Instead of having some new code to share, I’d like to put out a request to the community, such as it is, for a new set of builtin routines, implemented as scripts, that do for JSON what builtins.xml did for XML.

Like it or not, there’s a new way to encode data for transmission over HTTP.

It’s simpler than XML, but not quite as trivial as its promoters make it out to be.

What we need is json.compile (text, adrtable) that produces exactly the same table structure that xml.compile does.

Less important is json.decompile, that turns a structure into text. (It’s easier to do “by hand.”)

I’ve posted a link to this on the frontierkernel list. If you have any questions or comments post them either here or there.

Followup: Converting Between XML and JSON by Stefan Goessner helps explain how to map XML onto JSON and what the limits of that mapping are.

This web app converts RSS to JSON. Very important to be able to see how a familiar XML structure can be mapped onto JSON.

JSONlint pretty-prints and validates JSON.

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  1. […] Winer hat seinem OPML Editor JSON verpaßt, weil er irgend etwas Seltsames mit einem Gartenschlauch anstellen […]


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