How to configure OPML for Amazon S3

As with all instructions on this site, we’re explaining how this feature works in the OPML Editor distribution. This is the software that’s running on the system that EC2 for Poets installs.

First, you have to have an account on Amazon’s web services site, and have S3 enabled. If you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon, you already have an account, if not you have to create one.

To create an account, go to the web services site, click the Sign Up Now button, follow the instructions.

To connect with S3, go to the S3 page, click the Sign Up button, and do what they say.

There are two bits of information you need to get from Amazon, that you will give to the OPML Editor, that will enable it to write files to your S3 storage space. They are called the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key. As with everything in AWS, these are confusing names for well-known concepts: “username” and “password.”

How to configure…

1. Open a web browser on the machine your copy of the OPML Editor is running on.

2. Go to this page and scan down the page with your eye, looking for the Access Credentials section. You should see a list that says “Your Access Keys.” There is probably one row in the list. Leave the browser here, and open a new tab.

3. In the new tab, go to this page:

Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like.

4. Copy the Access Key ID from the page on the Amazon site (step 2 above) and paste it into the Access Key ID box on the OPML Editor page.

5. Do the same for the Secret Access Key.

6. You can ignore the other two options on the page — the checkbox for synching a desktop folder and the default bucket.

7. Click Submit.

If all goes well you should get a message that says it was able to connect with Amazon with the credentials you entered.

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