Setting up a Scripting2 server

Scripting2 is a full-strength outliner-based blogging tool. It’s what I use to edit Scripting News.

A few people in the EC2-for-Poets community have hacked their way to getting it to run on their systems. It wasn’t fair what they had to go through. I wanted to make it so this software could be installed as easily as Radio2. Now it’s pretty close, so I wanted to get the instructions up so people could test them.

1. If you haven’t already done so, set up OPML to be able to store files in your S3 space.

2. Bring the OPML app to the front and choose Tool Catalog from the Misc menu. Click on the Install link next to scripting2.root.

3. The web browser will come to the front and ask for a username and password. Before doing that, we have to set up a test account for you to work with.

4. Bring the OPML app to the front. Choose scripting2.root from the Window menu. Navigate to scripting2suite.utilities.afterInstall. Open it. Click the Run button at the top of the script. A dialog appears asking for the S3 path for your blogs. Suppose you want to put them in a folder called blogs in The path you would enter is / — it’s important that you get the slashes right.

5. When the script completes, bring the browser to the front and enter the test/password where it asks for the username and password. If it worked, OPML will come to the front, with a workspace window open saying it’s time to write your Hello World post.

6. Write. When you’re ready click Save. Then View. You should see your first post in the browser.

Nicer URLs

The URLs that Scripting2 will generate for your site are the long ones that Amazon returns to us. But if you set up your bucket so that you’re using your own domain name, you can have shorter addresses. You just have to configure Scripting2.

Choose scripting2data.root from the Window menu, and navigate to scripting2data.prefs.statictext.s3.prefs.url. Here’s a screen shot. You’ll see a long URL, edit it to replace it with the short equivalent.

Your blog’s name, your name, etc

These bits are used in rendering your site, and without them being set, the site will work, but it will look strange in places.

To set them, you can either navigate to your prefs table under scripting2data.server.users, or use the web form. (Note that URL will only work on the server machine.)

New users

The test account was just to get your started. Now you should start a new account with your real username, and a real password. To do so, choose the New user command from the Scripting2 sub-menu of the Tools menu. It will ask for a username and password. After you’re done, you should re-login with that info and start again with your “real” blog.

Scripting2 mail list

If you’re going to run this server for real you should probably sign up for the list.

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