Setting up rssToBlog.root

This is a faceless app that routes text from RSS feeds to WordPress blogs. In the future, I hope to get it working with other brands of blogs. There are differences in their APIs.

How to set up

1. Bring the OPML app to the front and choose Tool Catalog from the Misc menu. Click on the Install link next to rssToBlog.root.

2. Choose Add blog from the rssToBlog sub-menu of the Tools menu.

3. A dialog appears, asking for the URL of the feed. Enter it. Click OK.

4. A table window opens with info about the feed. Open the prefs table, then open the params table contained within it. Fill in each of the entries, describing the WordPress blog that you want to synch with the feed. A screen shot of the table that connects my linkblog with its WordPress version. (Password omitted.)

5. When you’re ready, set the enabled boolean to true.

6. There’s another enabled boolean you must set true. Bring config.root to the front, navigate to config.rssToBlog.prefs. There it is. Once you set this true, at the top of the minute, rssToBlog will read the feed, and start shoveling content over to your WordPress blog.

Other prefs

There’s a template in the blog prefs table, that determines what the text looks like as it flows to the blog. The default is appropriate for a linkblog. However, if you have a blog like Scripting News, with titles and essays, it makes more sense to just set the template to <%description%>. Here’s the test WP blog I’ve set up to test this kind of connection.

In the top-level prefs table there’s a value called ctMinutesBetwReads. It defaults to 10. If you want less latency, lower the number. If you want to minimize bandwidth and don’t care about a lag betw feed and blog, increase it.

Is it only RSS?

No, it should work with Atom 1.0 as well as all versions of RSS, going back to 1.0. Hey it might even work with 0.91 or 0.92. but you don’t see too many of those around these days. 🙂

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