Setting up beaut.root

Beaut.root sits on top of radio2.root and river2.root providing an integrated user interface, one which supports reading and writing of news. So to do this installation, you must already have radio2 and river2 installed and running on your server.

How to set up

1. On the server, choose Tools Catalog from the Misc menu. Click on the Install link next to beaut.root. Click OK to all confirmation prompts.

2. Think about what domain you want to map to the Beaut website. At your registrar, point that domain at your server. Then choose Set Domain from the Beaut sub-menu of the Tools menu. A dialog appears. Enter the domain and click OK. It will set also set the cookie domain in members.root. (An aside: If you’ve been running Radio2, you might just want to map that domain to Beaut, to keep it simple for your users. This user interface is a superset of the Radio2 interface.)

Unless I’m missing something, that’s it. 🙂

BTW, it’s called beaut.root because it was built around what we call the “beautiful” river interface. I didn’t want to type beautiful for every routine I needed to call, and variable I wanted to access, so I shortened it to beaut.

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