worldOutline.root, a simple shell

Way back in 2002, at UserLand we did something smart by extracting the core of the OPML directory browser and putting it into the core set of verbs. The code survives to this day, and it works!

It took a couple of hours to put together a simple website shell, in a Tool, worldOutline.root.

I had to make one small change in the core code to get it to work properly in the new context. So you need to update opml.root for this to work. There may be other fixes needed later.

This tool is for people with experience running an OPML Editor server.

How to install

1. You need to be running the OPML Editor.

2. From the Tools Catalog page click the Install link next to worldOutline.root.

3. Reserve a sub-domain for the outline, and add an item to pointing that domain to @worldOutlineWebsite.

4. Navigate to config.worldOutline.prefs.rootOutlineUrl. Change it to point to the outline you want to serve as your root. Recommend using the Dropbox public folder for this outline.

There’s still some more work to do, so stay tuned.

You can browse around my website at

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