dnsApi.root, interface to dnsimple.com

dnsimple.com is a domain name service that has an API.

dnsApi.root connects to it, providing a simple XML-RPC interface for creating, updating and deleting names.

The OPML Editor uses dnsApi.root to help implement the domain-mapping feature of worldOutline.root (and other features in the future).

How to install

1. You must be running the Windows version of the OPML Editor on your server, and have an account on dnsimple.com and be running a copy of worldOutline.root.

2. From the Tools Catalog page click the Install link next to dnsApi.root.

3. Relaunch OPML Editor. Wait a minute.

4. Jump to config.dnsApi.prefs. Enter your dnsimple.com username and password. Set enabled true. Wait a minute.

5. You should see your dnsimple-hosted domains show up in config.dnsApi.domains, and any records you’ve already established under that in each domain’s records table.

6. Then you can go into your OPML Editor user.opmlEditor.prefs.dnsApiServer to point to your server.

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