CSS in worldOutline.root

Yesterday I worked closely with Dave Jones on making the worldoutline themable. The result is fairly magnificent. The tables and blockquotes are gone. Yet it all looks great, and designers can have their way with the way outlines are displayed.

All this involves some fairly major changes to the code that implements html directories, and to the templates that are used to generate them. If you’re running worldOutline.root, you should follow these steps carefully to make this corner-turn.

How to update

1. Choose Update opml.root from the File menu.

2. Bring worldOutline.root to the front and choose Update front Tool from the Tools menu.

3. Bring config.root to the front and navigate to worldOutline.prefs. If you’ve made changes to your templates, add “Old” at the end of their names, otherwise delete them. template and directoryTemplate. In a minute or less they will be automatically replaced with “virgin” copies that are designed for the new code.

That’s it.

How to control appearance

1. You can do it the obvious way, by adding a <styles> section to the <head> of the main template or link to an external stylesheet.

2. You can also use the OPML Editor’s Add Styles command (in the World Outline sub-menu of the Outliner menu). It’s explained in this howto.

3. There are more ideas we are exploring.

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