myPhotos.root archives your Flickr photos

myPhotos.root makes it easy (we hope) to create a backup archive of your photos from Flickr on the local file system and on Amazon S3. It also provides a testbed where we can play with new flows for pictures, once they’ve found a home outside Flickr.

Eventually we hope this will get a friendly browswer-based user interface. For now, you configure it by editing with the OPML Editor’s object database.

How to set up

1. Install myPhotos.root from the Tools Catalog page.

2. Wait a minute. Choose myPhotosData.root from the Windows menu.

3. Navigate to myPhotosData.users. Create a new sub-table with your username. It doesn’t have to be your Flickr username, but it’s fine if that’s what you choose. Wait a minute and the table will be initialized automatically.

4. Expand it. Then go into prefs, and enter your Flickr ID. (You can get your Flickr ID from this page. It’s in the right column, under Useful Values. Screen shot.)

5. It has automatically chosen a folder where it will store downloaded pictures. If you’d like them stored somewhere else, change the folder value. The three S3 prefs values are very important and hopefully self-explanatory.

6. Still in the user-level prefs table, set the enabled boolean to true.

7. Navigate to myPhotosData.prefs and set its enabled boolean to true.

What will happen

Once you flip the switch in the last step, at the top of the next minute, myPhotos.root will start downloading your pictures from Flickr, storing copies locally and uploading copies to S3. If you have a lot of pictures in your Flickr account, this could take hours to run.

If you quit the OPML Editor, next time you launch it, it should resume downloading where it left off, until it has downloaded all the pictures.

Once they’re all downloaded, it will start checking every ten minutes for new pictures. When it discovers that you’ve uploaded some, it downloads them and archives them on S3.

So Flickr remains a good way to publish your pictures.

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