Manila and the OPML Editor

If you’ve been following me for the last couple of months, may have noticed that I’ve been spending some time looking at Manila again.

Recently, I completed a set of updates to bring Manila up to speed when running in the OPML Editor, and with Dave Winer’s help, that work is now released as a set of updates to the Manila.root Tool.

How to get the updates

If you’ve already installed Manila in the OPML Editor, and you have automatic updates enabled for installed Tools (via Prefs > Web Services > Automatic Updates), then you likely already have the changes.

If you have Manila installed but automatic updates are turned off, you can update manually as follows:

  1. Bring the OPML Editor to the front.
  2. Choose Window > manila.root.
  3. Choose Tools > Update Front Tool…
  4. Click OK on the dialog that asks, “Get the latest “manila.root” code?”

If you don’t yet have Manila installed, you can install via the Tools Catalog page:

  1. Bring the OPML Editor to the front.
  2. Choose Misc > Tool Catalog…
  3. Click the Install link for manila.

What was updated?

Here’s a summary of the updates:

  • The relevant parts of the Frontier Admin interface were ported to the Manila Tool’s admin website, which runs via the Website Framework responder, instead of mainResponder.
  • The Tool’s sub-menu (Tools > Manila) was updated to work in the context of the OPML Editor.
  • Bugs were fixed related to the way mainResponder (on which Manila depends) works in the OPML Editor.
  • Picture shortcuts which linked to the database-backed URLs are updated if pictures have static URLs.
  • Several verbs in were fixed to run in the OPML Editor, and the Website Framework responder.
  • A few minor optimizations were made to improve performance.

Problems? Questions? Bugs?

If you run into any problems or bugs, or have questions about Manila, please ask on frontier-user.

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